Successful Conclusion of CIFI YS Service 2020 Reverse Roadshow

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On November 3, CIFI YS Service's 2020 reverse roadshow was successfully concluded. More than 40 well-known institutional analysts and investors at home and abroad, including CICC, CITIC, Morgan Stanley and UBS, came to CIFI YS Service. Through field visits and exchanges, the group gained an in-depth understanding of the team behind the rapid growth of CIFI YS Service, observed the growth track and extraordinary achievements of CIFI YS Service, and experienced the ingenious service and brand strength of the company.



Exploring Reginal Expansion

Win over market reputation by quality services

The first stop of analysts and investors was Wuxi, a city in the very cernter of Yangtze River Delta

Mr. Zhou Di, Chairman and CFO, gave a speech

Mr. Zhou Di, CFO of CIFI YS Service, said that CIFI YS Service has maintained a sustained high growth trend and has been recognized and praised by the international capital market. What's more, CIFI YS Service has the honor to rank top among the five awards of Institutional Investor magazine.  The achievements of CIFI YS Service are directly associated with the full support of investors and analysts. CIFI YS Service wish to further communicate with the investors at home and abroad through a variety of ways, turn feedbacks and suggestions into concrete actions to improve the management of the company so as to promote service quality and efficiency, and establish an open, transparent and healthy image in the capital market.

Mr. Zhou Di, Chairman and CFO, gave a speech

Yan Xian, director of group investor relations, said that since its listing, CIFI YS Service has attached great importance to communication with the capital market. In addition, the invitation to CIFI YS's reverse roadshow is an important way for everyone to understand CIFI YS Service.  In the future, CIFI YS Service will continue to hold similar events in more cities to invite analysts and investor teams to know more about the development of the company.

Wu Chuanyong, Jiangsu Regional Deputy Manager gave an introduction

Mr. Wu Chuanyong, Jiangsu Regional Deputy Manager, gave an all-round introduction saying that YS has persisted in a four-pronged method since it's settlement in Wuxi since 2018. On the one hand, relying on the development of CIFI Group, YS has been establishing itself as a benchmark in Wuxi with market reputation and popularity improved rapidly. On the other hand, YS actively participated in the market bidding, won the bid for high-quality projects including Wuxi Jibaojijing Mansion and Tianyuanshijia Project, and reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuxi Huishan State Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. in September this year to further promote urban services.

Mr. Wu told the visiting group that CIFI YS Service has grown from scratch in the regional market in southern Jiangsu. Once settled in the city, the company "stationed it's troops and set up camps" to cultivate the service and market, expand the radiation. As a result, it quickly entered the TOP10 companies in the local market "from zero to hero".  Mr. Wu believes that the reason why the whole team of CIFI YS is able to work step by step is that every member regards clients' satisfaction as the lifeline, ensure the service itself, and works hard. With professionalism and efforts, the company gradually win the recognition of customers and the market.

Analysts and investors investigated the Tianyuanshijia Project, an external project of CIFI YS Service.  The Tianyuanshijia Project was invited to the public bidding by the industry committee in 2019. Among a number of participants, CIFI YS Service was awarded with high votes for its' profound establishment in the local market. The company officially moved in on January 1, 2020.  After months of continuous efforts of the project team and their hard work on the quality of service,  the project satisfaction and property fee collection rate have been greatly improved.

The group in Wuxi

The visit in Wuxi helped the analysts and investor team to recognize the scaling tactics of adhering to service quality and the four-pronged expansion method.  The focused devotion of the regional market showcased the national layout of CIFI YS Service. It is believed that CIFI YS Service, with its beyond-satisfaction service can win over larger markets and establish the brand reputation with own features.



From urbanized development to group operation

From serving the owners to serving the whole city

The group's trip to the second stop in Jiangsu region - Suzhou Suzhou is not only CIFI YS's "command center" of serving Jiangsu region, but also the key in the Yangtze River Delta.  Analysts and investors visited Suzhou Tiandu Building and the regional headquarter in Jiangsu and had a fruitful discussion and exchange with Mr. Luo Xinguo, Group Vice President and General Manager of Jiangsu.

Tiandu Building

Tiandu Building is one of the landmarks of Suzhou High-tech Zone CBD, and also one of the classic representative projects of CIFI YS Service in Suzhou. It was developed by Suzhou New Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., a strategic partner of CIFI YS Service.  CIFI YS Service officially settled in the Tiandu Building on January 1, 2020. A professional senior operation and management team, Yueze Commercial, to provide high-end business office services.

Yongsheng Yueze Commercial is a professional service brand for commercial office services. It is launched by CIFI YS Service in 2018 to create full life cycle service management with intelligent property as the core and provide professional, systematic and personalized operation and maintenance solutions for high-end offices and shopping malls across the country, helping customers maintain and increase value of their assets.

Mr. Luo Xinguo, Vice President of the group and General Manager of Jiangsu region, introduced the current situation, development history, strategic layout and future development plan of the company.  Mr. Luo Xinguo led the Jiangsu team to push through difficulties for eight years, devoted great efforts in Suzhou, Changshu, Zhangjiagang, Kunshan and Wuxi, and made strategic layout in more than 20 cities such as Nanjing and Zhenjiang, successfully transform the plan in Jiangsu from urbanized development to group operation.

Mr. Luo Xinguo, Vice President of the group and General Manager of Jiangsu region, introduced to the group

The company has entered the Jiangsu market from the initial one project to more than one hundred projects at present, with various forms and has created more than ten excellent key demonstration projects in Jiangsu province and Suzhou city. Moreover, Jiangsu is also one of the key areas of the company's smart city service deployment. At present, the Jiangsu regional branch has reached strategic cooperation with Xiangjiang Property Service, Siyang District of Suqian City, Huishan State-owned Investment Holding Group and Xinyi City Investment to gradually penetrate in the field of smart city services.

Visit and exchange in CIFI YS Service Jiangsu Regional Branch Headquarter

When asked how to lead CIFI YS to serve the Jiangsu region from scratch and achieved such amazing results, Mr. Luo Xinguo said that the rapid development of Jiangsu region is due to the strong support of all partners and the unremitting efforts of Yongsheng team members. In his view, business methods can determine how the ceiling of the company in the short term, yet business ethics can help the company go further. Persist in serving customers and partners, and stick to the mission of "building a better life with heart" will make Yongsheng's development go futher beyond.

The group in Suzhou

Through this vist, investors and analysts all agreed that the strategies, tactics and teams making the rapid development of the Jiangsu region are unsung heroes. It fully shows CIFI YS 's practice of "building a better life" and "making customers satisfied and happy". The group expressed greater confidence in the future development of the company. It is believed that CIFI YS Service will continue to strive and thrive under the visionary management.