Supervisory Report


Corporate Integrity Guidelines

Adhering to the corporate culture of honesty, law-abiding, compliance, and transparency under sunshine, CIFI ES-SERVICE continuously contributes more and better services to the market. Never forgetting to practice corporate social responsibility, CIFI ES-SERVICE sets an example by managing according to law and resolutely safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

CIFI ES-SERVICE follows strict service disciplines, including the Eight Military Regulations which prohibit employees from taking bribes, misappropriating public funds, related party transactions, revealing secrets, practicing fraud and other fraudulent acts. CIFI ES-SERVICE welcomes internal and external people to report the malpractice of employees of the group and its subsidiaries in business activities. Anyone who finds fraud clues will be investigated and verified. If the verification is true, the relevant personnel will be punished. Anyone who is suspected of a crime will be transferred to the judicial authority for criminal responsibility according to law.

  • Tips for Reporting

    1. Asking for or accepting bribes from customers and cooperative units;

    2. Embezzlement of company funds;
    3. Misappropriation of company funds;
    4. Defrauding customers for personal gain;
    5. Divulging or selling business secrets of the company;
    6. Other malpractices for personal gain.

    * Tips: For complaints beyond the above six categories, please contact the national service and supervision hotline: 4000807878 to No.1 button

  • Reporting policy

    1. Confidentiality of reporting: Keep the information of the reporter strictly confidential. Deal with the retaliation against the reporter and witness seriously.
    2. Real-name priority: encourage real-name reporting, give priority to real-name reporting, and feedback the investigation results to real-name informants.

  • Report materials

    The time, place and participants of the reported events, the main process of the violations and fraud, and the evidence (including but not limited to documentary evidence, material evidence, audio-visual materials, electronic data, etc.) proving the reported matters.

Other Reporting Channels