Second anniversary of listing |CIFI YS-SERVICE "serve you heart and soul", "17" Let's Celebrate ~

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December 17, 2020

On the second anniversary of listing

CIFI YS-SERVICE "serve you heart and soul"

Let us celebrate on "17", and let your life "rise" successively higher!

To all of you who live sincerely

Since going public, our company has won support and trust from the majority of owners and customers. Over the past two years we have been serving you heart and soul, and always with you.

Together with you, we have witnessed the rising power of the rising sun. By continuous "rising",  we rise from the TOP 20 to TOP 12;

Together with you, we witnessed the transformation of CIFI YS Service, with the contracted area expanding from 42.4 million to over 140 million (2018.6.30-2020.6.30);

Together with you, we marvel at the company's endless pursuit of excellence; with a heart committed to you, we turn countless high standards into the brand matrix;

Together with you, we bring to life more wisdom; from queuing payment, to palm APP& small program, to whatever you want, we are working hard to achieve;

With you, we witness how the company thrive; and grow the Xulin Festival into your most anticipated festival ceremony, a festival for neighborhood feast;

With you, we fight hand in hand the epidemic, with one mind and at the same boat; we build torches into the sun, and thus dispelling the haze of the virus;

With you, we create miracles, "rise" and rise, making the life more beautiful ~


Live together, serve you heart and soul, as a designer of your better life, we officially launch the first "17th life festival" to celebrate the second anniversary of listing.

The "17th life festival" is exclusive group purchase day for our customers, for we want to repay the support of the majority of owners and customers. On the 17th of every month, we will combine with the monthly high activity "fancy" petting owners. So, just let us celebrate the "17th festival" every month.

Since the establishment of Yongsheng Higher and Higher Research Institute, it has adhered to the "new, strange, special" concept of service, jointly discussed good ideas and golden suggestions, and offered the owners of the country many innovative surprise services! The new "17th life festival" will bring different "rising life" for our customers.

The second anniversary of the listing in 2020 is just in time for the advent of Christmas, and the Research Institute has hatched a brand-new Christmas surprise! Together with LEGO, we arrange for "four new Lego + Santa" to send surprise to your door. Exclusive greeting card + warmth to children...... Fill the end of 2020 with surprises and expectations!

More than that. In 2020, we serve you heart and soul. We give each festival the "home-like" warmth. To be "together is the home". The exchange of gifts sublimates the meaning of "family" and no longer allows children to enjoy "exclusive spoils". We build a bridge of "sharing", teach children to cherish and be thankful, help couples relive the romance of "gifts giving", and let parents feel the "attention" from their families. Together, home is home with you in my mind.

On December 17, the 2nd anniversary of listing, we must remember to Yongsheng small program, check the surprise recommended by Yong Xiaole you ~~ let's celebrate the festival on the "17th" of each month ~

Serve you heart and soul

It is our unswerving insistence

We hold ourselves accountable with a sense of responsibility

do things in the interests of others

treat others with gratitude

work towards greater purposes

and offer servcies with  professional craftsmanship

So as to make our customers care-free, worry-free and happy

Statement: This information includes the service contents and photos of YS Service and is based on the cases of the compnay.It is for learning and communication only, not for profit purpose.