CIFI YS Service, hand in hand with the Tibetan govenments, helps with poverty alleviation and spread love and hope!

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Since 2018 when our company actively applied to become a governing unit of China Community Poverty Alleviation Alliance, it has taken the lead in responding to the call of the state and the industry, and implemented the specific project of alleviating poverty through consumption in communities. By drawing on our own strengths to give support, and taking both online and offline approaches, we call on the owners to actively participate in the drive, tap our potential for serving the community, and contribute to the poverty alleviation through consumption and bring warmth to poor areas.

To better help Tibetan compatriots cast off poverty to get rich, and solve the practical difficulties facing Tibetan schoolchildren, CIFI YS Service has subscribed to 11 mu of highland barley base to help 11 poor children in Xizang to ensure their healthy growth.  In the season of highland barley harvest, the Group’s represent Mr. Zhang Jinbiao, human resources administrative director of East China Regional Business Division, attended the "Visit to Xizang to Help Students and Alleviate Poverty for Public Benefit", an event under the "Big Hands and Small Hands with You Growing Up -- Tibetan Seedling Hand in Hand Program", which is undertaken by China Property Management Association, China Association for the Promotion of Poverty Alleviation Volunteer Services, and the, planting the seeds of love in the beautiful Xigaze  Karta County Central Primary School, 3,900 meters above sea level.

CIFI YS Service's highland barley base under the "Tibetan Seedling Hand Hand Program"

When attending the public benefit activity, the company’s representative visited the local highland barley base in Jiangdang Township of Xigaze, Tibet, and brought to 43 children in Class 1, Grade 3 of Karta County Central Primary School highland barley products, books and all kinds of stationery. He played with the children in poor areas of Tibet, linking the community with the Tibetan areas closely.

Mr. Zhang Jinbiao gives a speech

Distributing materials to students (slide to view more)

Each gift is a promise and, like a token between a caring person and a child in need, they convey love and hope and build a bridge for the children to work towards their dreams.

The children smile happily when receiving the gifts

As a bond of public welfare action, the quality of highland barley is one of the big concerns of every participant of the "Hand in Hand Program". Therefore, the public welfare team visited the entrusted unit of the Program, Xizang Deqin Sunshine Manor Co., Ltd. Representatives investigated the processing, deep processing and packaging of the barley products of the Program.

Field investigation of highland barley products deep processing plant

More understanding, more love. Our company enters Tibet and get involved in the Hand-in-Hand Program. With love, we connect with the children in the poor areas of Tibet and help them forge ahead towards their dreams. Also, our investigation and research on the poverty alleviation product highland barley enable more caring people to know more about Tibet, learn about highland barley, and understand those innocent and lovely children who are denied happiness by the high wall of poverty,thus making remarkable contribution to the "community supporting agriculture" public welfare chain.

Thousands of seeds of hope sown on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

To build a better life with attentive efforts, we are in action under the Hand in Hand Program! The year 2020 will be the decisive year in the battle against poverty. Let's jointly drum up and shout for the targeted poverty alleviation campaign, and contribute to the decisive victory in the overall well-off society! With our actual action to affect more people, benefit more people, and change more people! Let the light of love shine on every place in need of warmth.