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Want to know our attentive services?

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"To be attentive" is our commitment

Want to know our attentive services? How do we offer attentive services?

We hold ourselves accountable with a sense of responsibility, do things in the interests of others, treat people with gratitude, work hard towards greater goals, and offer services with professional ingenuity.


Day after day, our attentive services are always available there for you. Smile is the basic expression of every colleague of us, sincerity is our basic attitude, appreciation and gratitude constitute the wisdom of every staff of us. Our colleagues work to customers' satisfaction, surprise them, touch them, and win the trust of them with their altruism and high-quality professional service.

The warmth in Autumn

Customer service Shi Xiuyan, at Xukou market, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

Her attentive working style, kind acts, and sincerity

bring surprise and warmth to customers,

and inspire those around her to greater efforts.

"Wu wu wu . . . . .” Shi, when working at the sample room, suddenly heard a cry. It turned out that a child playing beside the pool accidentally stepped into the pool, shoes and pants all wet.

Shi quickly picked him up from the pool and asked gently: "Are you cold? Why play here alone? It's dangerous." Then she took him into the rest room, picked up the hair dryer, and turned on the air conditioner. The little boy wiped away his tears and said with a smile: "Aunt, I feel very warm. Thank you, aunt!"

Shi held him in her lap, took off his wet pants and shoes, and quickly dried them with hot air. She asked: "Where are your father and mother?" "They seem to be around the little house!"

Shi guessed it should be around the sand table, so she hurriedly held the child to the hall to look for his parents. The me the child's parents at the water bar.

The little boy ran over and told them: "Mom, I was playing in the pool! But I fell down and got my clothes wet. It is the aunt who took me away and blew me dry!"

Shi told the parents what had happened, and repeatedly reminded them to take care of the child in a crowded place. They were so moved by Shi's thoughtful service that they made up their minds to buy a house right here.

Shi hopes to deliver more surprises and warmth to customers in her daily work. She works attentively, acts with love and treats customers sincerely. Her service philosophy also inspires everyone around her to better serve clients.

I'm a brick, ready to go wherever I am needed.

Shanghai Xinzhuang Center Engineering Maintenance Department maintenance technician Wu Jianxin

Work hard and take responsibility

Behind the happy smiles

It's hard work and sweat

In the Engineering maintenance department of the Shanghai Xinzhuang Center Project, there is  an employee who works hard, grins and bears, helps each other and get along well with colleagues. He is the maintenance technician Wu Jianxin.

Our company was short of manpower for the development of a new project, the Hengji Xunhui World, and needed engineering maintenance workers to be sent by other projects to support the project for more than 20 days. The new project is far away from the Xinzhuang Center Project. When his colleagues were still hesitating, Wu volunteered to take over the responsibility.

During those 20 days, Wu had to ride nearly 2 hours to get to the new project from home every day. One day, it was raining heavily in Shanghai. Wu rushed back to his project from the new project, getting wet all over. However, in order not to affect the work, he changed his work clothes immediately and dried his hair.

He continued to assume the heavy engineering tasks without any complaint. When colleagues asked him why he worked so hard, he smiled and said: "I am a brick ready to go wherever I am needed." However, behind the smiles there are hard work and sweat. It is the portrayal of the struggle spirit of our staff.

Special gifts for the holidays

Xuzhou Yongjing New Town Project customer service Zhang Wen

To make our customers care-free, worry-free and happy

Always respond effectively to the needs of our customers

So the owners will trust us to take care of their "home"

They don't take vacations unless the earth explodes; they do not rest unless the universe restart. There is a profession in the three hundred and sixty-five lines, which gives one no holidays all the year round, regardless of time.

As the Mid-Autumn Festival was approaching, customer service specialist Zhang Wen still chose to be on duty in the project. An owner in the L District, Ms. Ding reported that her basement was seriously flooded, but she could not find the leakage point. Anxious, she dialed her WeChat phone to contact Zhang.

After pacifying the owner's mood, Zhang went to the scene immediately to check the situation. She found that it was because the drain was clogged, and if it wasn't dealt with immediately, the consequences could be serious. She immediately got a broom and bucket from the housekeeping department, rolling up her sleeves to remove the ponding water. The light in the basement was dim and the air was not flowing. Soon, her forehead was covered with beads of sweat. She wiped the sweats away with her dirty hands, picking up the bucket full of dirty water and heading for the exit.

Her petite frame quivered as she carried the bucket, and when she climbed the stairs, she gritted his teeth and said nothing. After about one hour's hard work, the basement was finally cleared of the ponding water. 

The owner took out a drink, asking Zhang to take a rest. After thanking the owner, Zhang, without taking a sip of the drink, ran to where the drain was blocked. She used her hands to pull the soft pipe

to flush it. With the help of engineering masters, after more than half an hour, she finally removed the blockage, ad solved the fundamental problem. It was already 10 o 'clock in the evening, but Zhang had forgotten that it was the Mid-Autumn Festival. Afterwards, the owner presented a box of Mid-Autumn moon cakes to Zhang, and expressed deep gratitude to her for helping delivering them a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

The special gift that represents the owner's deep gratitude. It is thanks to her considerate services that the owners have trusted us to take care of their "home".

Warm-hearted security guard, a naturally warm-hearted man

Yang Lianjun, order officer at Huizhong Building, Binzhou, Shandong

The words he said most are

I have just done a small thing.

He is the kind of person who takes delight in

helping others.

Yang Lianjun, the "warmest security guard", is an order officer on patrol at Huizhong Building in Binzhou, Shandong. Since his entry, he has worked in a conscientious, patient, meticulous, rigorous and realistic style, impressing us as a good-tempered and patient security service personnel.

One morning, Yang, when on regular patrol, saw from a distance a woman carrying two large bags of materials, who took frequent stop on the road and sometimes beat her back. He hurried forward to take the bags, put them in the car and came with the owner to the lobby of the building, carrying the bags at a sitting to the office on the sixth floor.

The owner gave Yang a glass of water and thanked him. Yang, without drinking the water, hurried down to patrol.

In the afternoon, the owner came down to the front desk and praised Yang. Yang smiled shyly and said: That's what I should do. . . . . .

In fact, Yang's kindness has become well known here.

He would hold an umbrella on rainy days, and water the flowers on hot days.

Also, he would help the owners carry articles. What he has said most is that he has just done a small thing.  He is the kind of person who takes delight in helping others.

Yang also made the honor roll again this year at the "Tribute to the heroes in harm's way who have inspired us all" event. He was awarded the title of "anti-virus hero", a title he deserves well with what he has done.

Hard-working personnel in the night

Zhao Wenyu at Xianggeli Garden Engineering Maintenance Department

The owners often see

Zhao carry a ladder and a toolbox,

busy with paint renovation, replacement of light bulbs, maintenance of the road in the community.


The quality service of the community is inseparable from the professional and patient work of the engineers. The owners often see Zhao carry a ladder and a toolbox, busy with paint renovation, replacement of light bulbs, maintenance of the road in the community. Also, he works hard where nobody sees him.

The owner Ms. Li faced pipe congestion at home several times, and Zhao responded to her needs without any delay. He quickly gathered his team to find out the cause, made regular plans to dredge it, and said, "I don't believe this problem can't be solved!"

One day after work, Zhao received a phone call from Ms. Li, saying that there had been another blockage in her home and that there had been a backwater. Zhao hung up the phone and immediately returned from his home to the community.

It was very late when he arrived at the community. Without saying a word, he endured the stench and helped the owner to unblock the pipes. Soon he was drenched in sweat, but he did not care to wipe it. In the night, he still worked hard, wearing a vest.  After unblocking the pipeline, he did not rest, but hurriedly helped the owner clean up the damp ground, The owner thanked again and again.

The next day, as a token of appreciation, the owner presented a gold banner to Zhao.

To offer attentive services, and follows the values of making the customers worry-free, care-free and happy, we will surely deliver better services in the future.

We believe that everything can be improved, we do everything attentively, make a little progress every day, keep learning, keep optimizing, and keep innovating. We fulfill any promises we have made, appreciate the world, treat others with a grateful attitude, and make customers worry-free, care-free and happy!