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Our life, though ordinary, is alive with moving stories

An ordinary story

will add a different color to our life

A warm smile

may evoke a good mood for a whole day

In CIFI YS Service

The seemingly little things

are especially indicative of the extraordinary spirit

Home journey of an 93-year-old grandmother

A little more attention, and a little more warmth

The owner, Mr. Yang has a 93-year-old grandmother who has trouble with her legs, so the Yongsheng staff made coordinated efforts and borrowed a van to take the owner and his grandmother home.

In recent days, the Peach Blossom Creek Town has undergone a run of wet weather, causing much inconvenience to people's travel. On June 14, Mr. Yang, seeing his family off at the hotel after dinner, decided to take the hotel minibus with his grandmother back to his home in the town. Waiting in the minibus for more than ten minutes, he found no driver coming. He consulted the hotel and was told that all drivers had gone to the town to assist in flood control, causing the minibus to be suspended.

Mr. Yang's grandmother has difficulty in walking, so he, with a try and see attitude, sought help from the property center of CIFI YS. Informed of the situation, Wang Chi, the receptionist of the Customer Service Department, coordinated with various parties to seek a solution. Thanks to her efforts, finally a minivan was arranged to send the owner and his grandmother home.

The owner, who was deeply touched, praised the company for its warm help in the owner group.

Xiao Le said,

Yongsheng staff always put the owners' needs first, responding to owners’ problems in an active, timely and efficient manner, freeing them of worries and concerns, and offering them services wholeheartedly.

Care reflected in details

Two plum trees of the landlord

True love reflected in details

The maintenance of the external walls made an owner's home a little dirty and messy. Informed of that, Lu Xiangxiang from the Customer Service took the initiative to contact the owner, arranged for the cleaning, and took good care of the two plum trees in the owner's home...... 

Due to the recent external wall maintenance, the house of Mr. Zhao, an owner in the Xiangdao Garden in Jiaxing, was dirty inside and outside. But he did not leave the key in the property, so there was no way to go in to clean the house. Lu Xiangxiang took the initiative to contact the owner, explaining the intention. The next day, Mr. Zhao came to the property, trusting it the key.

When chatting, Mr. Zhao made a casual remark that he had planted two plum trees in the yard. But Lu takes it to her heart. Since then, everytime she passes Mr Zhao's yard during patroling, she will go to his home to see how the plum trees grow and whether there are pests, and take photos to Mr Zhao from time to time free him of worries.

Jiaxing has much rain this year, and often it is pouring rain. After each heavy rain Lu would inspect Mr. Zhao's house, and deal with problems, if any, in a timely manner.

Touched by Lu's sincere services, Mr. Zhao came to the property center to express thanks to the company for the quality services, and took the initiative to pay the annual property fee.

Xiao Le said,

To touch the owners does not necessarily require earth-shattering events. What we need to do is to bear in mind the needs of owners, offer them attentive services, and make them feel relieved, assured, and happy. In short, our care is emobided in every detail.

After a child fell

All affairs concerning clients matter

After dressing the wound, Gong Yifan reminded the visitor to apply some more medicient to the would after the children taes bath, so that it can heal early.

Gong Yifan, the customer service specialist of Shunde Industrial Development Museum, was on duty at the reception desk when a tourist came for help in a hurry with a child in his arms.

Gong asked what had happened. It turned out that the child who came to visit the musuem accidentally sprained his foot at the stair step, and rubbed the old wound. Gong immediately took out the medical kit from the front desk cabinet, and started the first aid treatment as she had been trained. She poured the wanhua oil on a cotton swab, and then slowly and carefully disinfected the wound and applied the medicine. 

During the process, Gong patiently reminded the visitor to apply some more medicient to the would after the children taes bath, so that it can heal early. The visitor was deeply touched by Gong's kind act.

Xiao Le said,

Gong feels his work to be meaningful because he can help others at his post. Acutally, the seemingly insignificant acts all embody the professional skills of the staff after numerous trainings and drills. All customers' affairs matter, so we should strive for the best in every thing we do.

the cute "little wet man"

We are always there despite wind and rain

The water rose above the vamp, the feet completely immersed in the water. Despite all this, our staff were still working hard in the rain.

A sudden rainstorm caught everyone off guard. It was raining harder and harder. CIFI Riverside Garden immediately adopted the flood control measures, sending all staff to check the sewer pipes for blockage.

The heavy rain had piled up some fallen leaves on the groud drain mouth on some roads, leading to the impassability of water, and leaving a large area of the roadsurce flooded. Faltering not at all at the dirty fallen leaves, our staff rolled up their sleeves and started picking up the trash.

As the rain became heavier, under the umbrellas it also drizzled, making their clothes wet. As they came where the water was deep, the water rose above the vamp, the feet completely immersed in the water. Despite all this, our staff were still working hard in the rain. 

Xiao Le said,

Property workers are the guardians of the owners' homes. They maintain the safety of the community and fight hard in the rain to ensure safe travel of the owners after the heavey rain. Despite the heavy rain and fierce wind, we are always there to escort you!

The ordinary little things refect our efforts towards the mission of delivering to the owners a better life. With mission on our shoulder, with the care for customers taking root in our heart, we understand that our attentive service can make the custoemers more care-free, and that they will feel more at peace with our consideration in details. By making what is ordinary extraordinary, we add warmth to the world and brilliance to the days.